Employee Development & Teamwork

THE FIVE SEEDS™ of Peak Performance

Highly productive employees impact the success of any organization. But before these employees can become effective contributors, they need to have a clear understanding of what it takes to become a “Peak Performer” – someone who behaves maturely, works with passion, does the right things in the right way, works well with others and gets the job done!

Based on four decades of research, experimentation and observation, THE FIVE SEEDS™ of Peak Performance provides this vision. It reveals key behavioral patterns of highly effective team members and sets clear and comprehensive standards for excellence in the workplace. With leaders reinforcing these behaviors and values, employee performance and teamwork can significantly improve.

How Will I Benefit?

During this stimulating and engaging, one-day workshop, participants will learn how to become a highly-valued team member by understanding five fundamental qualities of a Peak Performer, including:

  • The Seed of Choice
  • The Seed of Passion
  • The Seed of Reason
  • The Seed of Empathy
  • The Seed of Discipline

This workshop is a critical component of THE FIVE SEEDS™ model and reinforces many of the core leadership concepts and skills taught in THE FIVE SEEDS™ of Effective Leadership series, thereby, creating alignment between team members and their leaders.

When your employees embrace and master THE FIVE SEEDS™ of Peak Performance, they grow. When they grow, your organization grows too!

Who Should Participate?

Open to all employees of the organization.


8:30a – 4:30p (includes a one-hour break for lunch and hourly stretch breaks)

How Do I Schedule a Session?

To schedule this workshop on-site for your team, please complete our Contact Us form.

This workshop is also offered multiple times a year. For more information or to register for an upcoming session, please visit our Events Page.

Due to COVID-19, all in-person workshops and programs are on hold. We look forward to seeing you again when it is safe to do so! Until then, please join us for online coaching. Information to sign-up can be found on our Home, Tools or Events pages. Thank you and stay well! 😷