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Red Apple Service

In today’s competitive global market, customers expect and want personal attention, a friendly experience, someone that listens and promptly responds to their needs and an exceptional value for their money. Give them just that and they will provide repeat business and become a walking endorsement for your organization. Give them anything less and they will not only run to the nearest competitor, but openly share their dissatisfaction over social media.

So, how do you provide exceptional service that creates loyal, happy customers and makes your organization shine? Being the best requires training your employees to deliver Red Apple Service – an unparalleled experience and atmosphere that exceeds your customers’ expectations and creates an organization of happy and committed employees.

In this eye-opening, half-day workshop, Leadership Works® will show you how to develop and provide extraordinary customer service that builds loyalty and distinguishes yourself in the marketplace.

What Will I learn

Participants will learn the principles of Red Apple Service, including:

  • The 10 characters of sub-standard or “green apple” service that can hurt your organization.
  • How to outshine your competitors.
  • How to create a happy customer experience.
  • The “four friendship” factors of excellent customer service.
  • How to show how much you CARE.
  • Why the Japanese concept of “omotenashi” is critical to your success.
  • What service protocol is required at every customer interaction.
  • How to handle customer complaints in a positive and respectful manner.

Participants will also have an opportunity to assess their customer service skills and share ways on how they will fulfill the Red Apple Service pledge of meeting customers’ needs, on time, in a caring way to the the delight of the customer, every time!

Who Should Attend

Designed for employees of the organization whose primary duties include frequent interaction with customers, both external and internal.

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