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Group and One-on-One

We offer online group and individual coaching, designed to help you succeed!

All sessions are conducted in a secure Zoom meeting room where you can connect in the privacy of your own home or office. 

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The Little Book with 50 Big Ideas on Leadership

50 Big Ideas contains 50 of the most powerful lessons that leadership expert and business consultant, Glenn Furuya, has uncovered in his decades long career. 

His abiity to breakdown complex leadership concepts into understandable metaphors is shown in each memorable lesson, such as:

“Two Ways to Shape an Organization”

“How to Set Clear Expectations”

“A Leader’s Main Concern”

“The Lasting Mark of Leadership”

The Little Book is offered at $15.95, plus shipping and handling (hard cover, 116 pages, 3rd edition). Click here to purchase.


Leading in Tough Times!

The role of a leader is not always easy.  It’s even harder when faced with challenging situations or people.  Our Leading in Tough Times video series equips leaders with practical skills to overcome any situation. Watch Now! 

Leaders Are Like Cars

It’s estimated that over 1 billion passenger vehicles drive over our roads and highways worldwide!  Did you know that leaders are just like cars?  Watch our latest video to learn more or right click on the video while playing to download and share with others. Let’s Grow!

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