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Leadership Island Style® for Newcomers

Doing business in Hawaii is not the same as anywhere else. Significantly influenced by three cultures – East, West and Polynesia – failure to understand and embrace Hawaii’s cultural nuances and island style behaviors could lead to rejection, ineffectiveness and failure. The sooner newcomers understand this unique island environment and are able to adapt, the greater their chances for successfully leading their teams.

Leadership Island Style® for Newcomers is a must-do workshop for anyone embarking on a business career that is new to Hawaii.

How Will I Benefit?

Born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii and having spent over four decades helping leaders and organizations succeed throughout the Pacific, Glenn Furuya will teach participants how to navigate their new island home and business climate by:

  • Equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive as a leader within the cultural framework of Hawaii
  • Imparting valuable insights regarding the individuals with whom you will engage in this region.
  • Providing guidance into the cultural and behavioral tendencies of the local community to foster positive engagement.
  • Sharing three key attributes of “Aloha” that can help them build trust and gain endorsement in an island setting.

Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to hear from a co-facilitator, who will share their experience of successfully transitioning from the Continental U.S. to Hawaii.

Time will also be provided for open discussion and participant Q&A.

Who Should Participate?

Anyone new to Hawaii that is leading a team, opening a business or just wants to better understand our unique island business culture.


This four-hour, virtual workshop is offered over Zoom Video Conferencing from 10:00a – 3:00p (including a one hour break for lunch and hourly stretch breaks).

How Do I Schedule a Session?

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To schedule a private, on-site offering of this workshop for your team, please complete our Contact Us form.

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