Leadership Development

THE FIVE SEEDS™ of Effective Leadership

Leaders are the “make or break” point of any organization, and while some believe that great leaders are born, we believe that the thought and behavioral patterns of extraordinary leadership can be cultivated.

Based on THE FIVE SEEDS™ Model, which encompasses four decades of research, observation and experience working with numerous successful leaders and organizations, Glenn Furuya, founder and CEO of Leadership Works, has converted his findings into a world-class, six-week leadership experience.

How Will I Benefit?

Comprehensive, practical and designed to produce results, you will unearth five critical seeds of effective leadership, all while forming new bonds with other community and business leaders.

Delivered though a combination of engaging presentation, group discussions and interactive tools and activities, each module of our signature leadership course is thoughtfully designed for maximum learning and impact, summarized as follows:

Week 1:

  • Introduction to THE FIVE SEEDS™
  • THE SEED of Perspective
    • Module 1: Creating a Culture of Confidence
    • Module 2: Leading Yourself Through Tough Times

Week 2:

  • THE SEED of Perspective
    • Module 3: Proven Patterns of Leadership Success
    • Module 4: Three Basic Skills of an Effective Leader
  • THE SEED of Purpose
    • Module 1: Building and Sustaining Positive Energy

Week 3:

  • THE SEED of Purpose
    • Module 2: Two Outcomes Every Leader Must Achieve
  • THE SEED of Principle
    • Module 1: The Key to Preventing Workplace Drama
    • Module 2: Handling Difficult Employees

Week 4:

  • THE SEED of Process
    • Module 1: Why Leaders Fail
    •  Module 2: Five Steps to Get Things Done

Week 5:

  • THE SEED of Process
    • Module 2: Elevating the Customer Experience
    • Module 3: Building a High-Performance System

Week 6:

  • THE SEED of People
    • Module 1: Growing Peak Performers
    • Module 2: Four Practical Protocols to Develop Skill
    • Module 3: Three Powerful Ways to Inspire Will

Who Should Participate?

For experienced executives, THE FIVE SEEDS™ of Effective Leadership provides an opportunity to validate existing practices, catch up on current leadership research and seek ways to improve personally. Frontline managers and supervisors will learn practical skills and tools to enhance their leadership, improve systems and grow their people. For those new to leadership, this course builds a solid foundation of leadership information and inspiration that set them up for success.


This course is offered virtually several times a year over Zoom.  Each session is delivered in two to four hour blocks, including hourly stretch breaks (sessions that run four hours will include a one hour break for lunch). To learn more or register for an upcoming Cohort, CLICK HERE.

How Do I Sign-up?

This course is offered multiple times a year. For more information or to register for an upcoming Cohort, please visit our Events Page.

Due to COVID-19, all in-person workshops and coaching programs are being held over Zoom. Information to sign-up can be found on our Home, Tools or Events pages. Please continue to stay safe and well! 😷