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Custom Workshops

At Leadership Works, we offer a a variety of valuable learning programs and tools that are specifically designed to help our clients and their employees grow and succeed.

We also recognize that people, organizations and situations change and that “one size” does not always “fit all!”

To help you grow in other ways, we’re happy to design Custom Workshops that can fulfill the specific needs and objectives of your team, leadership and organization.

How Will I Benefit?

A Custom Workshop is just that – tailored just for you! Through one-on-one meetings and phone conversations, we can work with you to develop a clear understanding of your business challenges and objectives that will allow us to develop a program that is perfectly suited to meet these needs.

Drawing from our 35 years of knowledge an vast array of leadership, employee and team building skills and concepts, our custom designed workshops can you put you and our team on a path to success!

Who Should Participate?

Participants will vary depending on the specific learning objectives and workshop content, which will be mutually determined between Leadership Works and the client.


Varies, depending on content and organizational needs.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

If you would like to request a Custom Workshop, please complete our Contact Us form and we will contact you to further discuss your needs and objectives.

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