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Focus Forum

At “half time” during a football game, the players and coach gather in the locker room to get a little rest, communicate what’s going well and make adjustments to their game plan in areas that need to be corrected.

Leaders occasionally need to do the same. These “time out” sessions result in a clearer focus on priorities and stronger team alignment. Failure to do so, results in confusion, overwhelm, frustration and increased drama!

How Will I Benefit?

Facilitated by Glenn Furuya, Focus Forums serve as the “halftime” locker room regrouping for leadership teams. These one or two day sessions provide an opportunity for leaders to openly share their feelings, recognize things that are not working and identify ways to improve overall performance.

A unique feature of a Focus Forum is the inclusion of a comprehensive review of critical leadership concepts, rituals and protocols, based on the teachings.

Focus Forums are an investment in improving team communication, leadership and enhancing organizational effectiveness. Upon completion of this “half time” gathering, team members will focus on what’s important, feel empowered to lead and leave with a renewed sense of commitment and alignment.

Who Should Participate?

Focus Forums are designed for newly formed teams that need to establish a clear direction and lay a solid, unified philosophical foundation that will help achieve results.

For mature teams that may be have communication challenges or lack alignment of shared goals or vision, Focus Forums also provide a unique opportunity to reduce “drama” and push “reset” – thereby move forward in a positive and productive way.


Varies, depending on organizational needs.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

If you are interested in scheduling a Focus Forum, please complete our Contact Us form.

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