Leadership Development

Leadership Works® Essentials

When painting a unfinished wall, painters first apply an undercoat of primer. The primer sets a base for the finish coat, which then sticks better, last longer, and looks nicer. Leadership Works® Essentials provides your team a practical “primer” to grow your leaders and organization.

Based on four decades of research, observation and experience, Leadership Works® Essentials unveils key patterns of transformational leadership in a stimulating, engaging and memorable one-day workshop.

What Will I Learn

Participants will learn:

  • Eight essential patterns for personal empowerment and growth.
  • The power of the “Big Why.”
  • Two pivotal aims of leadership.
  • Three steps to improve operational efficacy.
  • Three critical elements of positive change.
  • Two powerful concepts for developing a principle-centered team.
  • Six core elements that produce quality, productivity and service.
  • A critical key to manifest peak performance.

Upon completion of the workshop, your leaders and organization will benefit by understanding the need to:

  • Create a common philosophical foundation for leadership.
  • Focus on a unified vision.
  • Standardize and institutionalize as set of core leadership values, behaviors and practices.
  • Develop a common “leadership” language.

Leadership Work® Essentials will provide you and your team a solid foundation for organizational success!

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for leaders at all levels of the organization who are seeking to develop or enhance key leadership fundamentals.

For personal safety, we're continuing to offer our workshops and coaching programs over Zoom. Information to sign-up can be found on our Home, Tools or Events pages. Please continue to stay safe and well! 😷